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Why Thailand

Welcome to GoodThaiGirl.com!

It is generally understood that there are two phrases to describe Thai girls. Bar girls and Good Thai girls. Bar girls is self-explanatory. Good Thai girl (gtg) is a loosely used term to describe any lady who does not work in the pay for play trade.

Good is a very relative term. Anywhere you go in the world -what a city person would consider to be a good lady would probably not be someone from the country and vice versa. City people are generally aggressive, uptight, unfriendly and sometimes rude whereby people in the country are generally more hospitable. As well city people are considered more sophisticated from more simple pleasured country people.

The same premise holds true for the Peoples of Thailand and although it is a fairly small country people are different everywhere you go with different perspectives, values and experiences. Because people are different all over the world everyone has an opinion and different criteria based on their value system and life experience what constitutes being a good person.

In Thailand Muslims in Hat Yae would consider themselves to be better people then persons who live in Pattaya if for no other reason that moral codes are stressed for even the most mundane things such as diet.

Your travels and social experiments in Thailand can be very difficult to analyze because your conscious experience is easily colored by first impressions you get when you travel different places in Thailand. As well First impressions make lasting impressions when you reinforce them with the same behavior you exhibit in your travels.

For example:

If your during your first trip to Thailand you only went to Bangkok and Pattaya Gogo bars and the experience had a profound impact on your lymphatic system whereby adrenaline coursed through your veins like a race horse at the Kentucky Derby what kind of lasting impression did that make on you? A very strong one! –naiveté or desperation ruled the day and you were susceptible to an illusion of love with the wrong type of lady that was quickly dispelled after you went back to the Western world.

But then it will take months of posting therapy and chatting on forums to get over falling in love with a couple of bar girls.

For 3 weeks you did the same exciting things over again reinforcing your perceptions which ultimately led you to the belief that meeting and falling in love with Bargirl's was the biggest thrill of your life and later after the illusion bursts that most people in Thailand are either full of bullshit or working in the pay for play field but nothing can be further from the truth!

When you travel to Essan you may think that that all Issan people are probably the same but after you live there awhile you can make comparisons between Korat lady and lady Ubon from Lady Khon Kaen etc.etc. Had you gone to Korat after leaving Pattaya you would have been surely convinced that bullshit is the main food staple served in Essan and you would never have come back again to Thailand.

Well you get the point people are different everywhere you go and what is good for one person is not good for another.

This website is dedicated to mothers and grandmothers and all mothers everywhere may you be good to your children and love them well. Choke Dee!