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Why try online dating in Thailand?

Why Try Online Dating in Thailand?

With the divorce rate in the 50% range in the Western world we are only speaking to 50% of the married or have been married male population.

You are so finished with the bossy, bitchy, whining, complaining, uptight, miserable, competitive, in your face, argumentative, westernized fem dom. If you have a good enough job and drive a $50,000 car she will marry you in the name of love by making you think her education, daddy’s affluence and her prissy attitude makes her the catch of the century when in fact after marriage ceremony she is to get the final word and it will always go her way in the end. Face it. SHE IS BOSS. You will never get the respect you deserve. NEVER. If you don’t let her be boss she will act out.

Maybe its passive aggressive behavior by acting spoiled, or more covert by demonstrating high maintenance needs punctuated by yelling or demanding demeanors, And boy is she always insecure and selfish noting down what she spent on you at the 7-11 so she can take the money back from your wallet later. But wait things may still be going well until after she has your children.

She has job pressures, relationship pressures, her family pressures and now children pressures. If she does not have a good family to rely on as role models and even if she does It’s enough to turn your loving wife into an every day nagging complaining, hardcore drag! She argues senselessly if you walk ahead of her 5 feet or argues over money if your car breaks down. You know SHIT HAPPENS right? On Point now- its anything she can do to emasculate you, and undermine your confidence until you are down on her level under her foot so she finally rubs you into a little grease spot because all along you were too nice to set her focus straight or refused to argue anymore.

Finally with no money or self esteem, no sex and no love you are forced from the bedroom into another room of the house until she files for divorce so she can take your children all of your possessions and leave you broke and socially dysfunctional. Face it your ready to leave the western world dating and marriage scene from Hell.

Or Maybe your just bored to death living and vacationing in the same country, eating the same food, wearing the same clothes, watching the same television shows, viewing the same sports, listening to the same music, trying to date women in your area from off of the internet hardly ever making a connection. You keep thinking about doing something different like travel somewhere exotic it but you don’t know which country or you know which country but nobody has kicked you in the ass enough to make you take the first step towards exploring the possibilities of meeting the real asia. Where affordable natural beauty and lovely people are the kindest people in the world!

I know you say. “After working hard all day Yea an asian woman is what I need to simply care for my basic needs while I care for hers. She isn’t expensive I can afford her and she will cook and clean and demonstrate compassion for my feelings. Someone who can rub my back and should I dare wish for someone beautiful who is always happy and loves to laugh and have fun with me, someone I can love and have sex with wiithout all the dysfunction the western female brings?.” WELCOME FRIEND TO THE REAL ASIA!

Whatever your reason for being here, we're here to help. If you want to simply travel to Thailand and meet many ladies and submerse yourself in an inexpensive, safe, kind, smiling at you, respect you type of culture and see the wonderful sights and smells of Thialand or if you’re here at Goodthaigirl.com to specifically date or meet the woman of your dreams we are going to do it together!

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