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Toby Story

My name is Toby James and I made this website because I have an interesting story to tell. I had never traveled to Thailand before. But three years ago I did a very stupid thing and went to Pattaya to look for a wife. I fell in love with two bargirls. Then after I went back to America I learned one was very bad. She broke my heart. Then the next time I went to Thailand I went back to Pattaya to see if the other lady I loved was good or bad. I saw her again but felt she was not good either. I was very disapointed and felt that everyone in Thailand must be bad. Then my internet friend Nicha invited me to go visit her in Ubon Ratchathani. The people there are so good and kind to me I really fell in love with UBon. After one week I met my girlfriend Benz whom I fell in love with and we stayed together 18 months and traveled everywhere together in Thailand. It was very romantic and fun. I took good care of her. I paid her education, her apartment, motorbike, food, clothes. I took better care of her then her family. Then while I was away in America she met another Farong who had moved to Ubon. Benz left me and moved in with the farong. I was so broken hearted. She said she wanted a baby but did not give us a real chance to decide together before she moved in with farong. I was so hurt and angry. We saw concerts together like the Black Eyed Peas. We watched the same favorite movie together over fifty times! We traveled everywhere together. How could she throw my life away? I had a choice to make. Hate Thailand and the people or do something to show my life still had meaning so I can remember that my experiences in Thailand is still special to me. So I made this website because I was heartbroken. I will not hate the good people of Thailand. Do you know what is interesting? I have recorded my entire story from my first visit to Thailand to my current travels to Thailand on Video and you can watch for free. Just click on Blogs. My user name is Toby. I do not show the end of my story with my ex girlfriend Benz yet on video so Farong will not know the ending yet like you now know. But I will show you soon. And guess what I am still traveling to many places in Thailand for the first time and taking video which you will also see later. One day during my travels all around Thailand you may see me too!! If you like my website please tell your friends!

Thank you and Choke Dee!