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About us

Our site is setting a historical precedent by being the first in the online dating industry to offer Dating and travel information and love advice in video format based on true life experiences of its founding member. It's members are here primarily to make new friends with people who have sufferend from broken hearts in the past and hope to meet the love of their lives. We want you to have an online travel and date experience before you even decide to travel to Thailand! This website is not for sex tourism and if you come to this website asking strangers for sex your profile will be deleted immediately. Nor do we tolerate nude or lewd pictures or photos. Please do not offend our Good Thai Girls by talking about SEX. The founding member is from Washington DC where the company headquarters is located. It is a very small company that is managed soley by him and a few Thai girl volunteers who live in Thailand. The blog services are free for silver members and for a small fee additional features are available such as instant messaging with machine translation.


Create your free profile, enter basic information about yourself, upload your photos and write attention - grabbing headline and essay. Now members can e-mail you. This certainly does not pay you anything for free search! Site.Once inside our site you can search our database of singles like you. Search by location age interest and other personal preferences. Show interest in others by simply click the button. All for free. When you connect with.Send IM E-mail postcards to send 3D chat, Flash Chat, 3DCity. Chuppo Movie Chat chat chat rooms from around the world! So what you waiting?

Do you want an understanding of Thailand and its peoples from the views of first time or seasoned travelers? Discover from other members the joys, adventures, mistakes, pains and lessons learned from traveling and meeting mysterious, charming Thai girls. Distinguish the differences between values from ladies of different cities in the culturally diverse
Buddhist and Muslim country of Thailand. City versus country, Northern vs. Southern Thai folks. Through your online travel experience here at Goodthaigirl.com gain insight, and analysis to make the courage to actually travel and meet the right ladies according to your agendas. Remove the illusions, learn the truth first hand what you will surely encounter and discover real magic in “Amazing Thailand”.

"Toby Vlog" a 3 year documentary -a broken heart and stolen wallet story with Thai bargirl and good Thai girl is the main focal point behind the driving force in the development of this unique website. Toby’s documentary is the traveling pioneer, author, creator, producer and director whose video blog demonstrates meeting and dating and travel stories you can only read about on leading competitor forums on other websites. Toby show you in video, Flickr, Veoh, Slide format what extraordinary experiences you top will have as well which pitfalls to avoid when traveling to the culturally rich -good girl/ bad bargirl infamous country referred to as “Amazing Thailand-The Land of Smiles”

Are you looking for travel advice on where to go and how much it is going to cost? Top 50 destinations In Bangkok alone! A valuable resource for people who love Bangkok! As well See hundreds of other top destinations in Thailand using the latest slide.com technology will make this blog series a very popular venue. In our “destinations outside of Bangkok” series discover Where to go, How to go, Season to go, Facilities, Pricing and Contact information. Some price changes occur over time please call each destination for updated pricing.

And viewing member travel blogs while chatting with ladies you will have an online travel experience not found anywhere on the internet! Meet girls, Visit waterfalls, beaches, temples, museums, universities, cities and small towns, Bangkok, Essan, Krabi, and beyond to the furtherst reaches and beaches in the south of Thailand. Explore popular and hidden destinations off the tourists trail and see the real Thailand! Amateur produced Tourists video content with incredible scenery containing original footage. No stone will be left un turn or city unseen in this on going series to meet good Thai girls and find magical first time experiences at some of the worlds most scenic and romantic and affordable locations on Earth!

Do you speak Thai? It’s not as difficult as Korean, or Chinese or other Asian languages. And its much more beautiful. Thai ladies are loved for their accent first, then their smile, then their kindness. You can’t walk anywhere in Thailand without being charmed just by overhearing a strangers conversation even though you don’t speak the language. And its no secret that if you are at a disadvantage traveling or living in a country if you do not speak the language. We try to take the boredom out of school so you can better pay attention to the lesson at hand. Part one a 10 hour video language course produced on location in Udon Thani available for Free! Speak a few Thai words and greatly impress Thai ladies with your interest in their culture!

Currently the best product available for persons who are really interested in learning Thai can afford the ultra low price for the "Speak Easy Thai" software course. Believe us when we say no other book, cassette, or video course compares to the quality of this product! Not Linguaphone, Pilsner, Paiboon, Berlitz, no publisher even comes close! And we think its severely under priced and suggest you buy your copy while you can before we purchase all the copies and sell them for a higher price! On top of that all monies are donated to the poor from a retired publisher who just adores working with languages and helping people! Lucky for you! Get your copy today before they are sold out or he decides to retire forever! click here

Do you like to show off your personality and sort your favorite content for your most treasured Thai girls and friends to see? Well it doesn’t take much to impress a good – Thai - girl. Thai lady is very interested in who you are and asking questions about you. They will love to see your personality reflected on your personalized blog at Goodthaigirl.com. Show other members your story in pictorial or video format. Everyone who travels to Thailand has a wonderful story to tell. You will tell yours!

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8 different venues for chat! Virtual City chat, Flash chat, 3D chat, 2 types of IM chat, 2 types of Video chat, High quality Voip Phone. Send Post cards with your choice of personalized text, background, images, your choice of songs and sound bytes. This alone promises to change how you currently send messages on a dating website!

You might wonder why someone would choose to pay a fee to communicate with Thai ladies on the net when there are other places you may be able to find for free.

It's because of the quality of our members, our content, and the advanced functionality to bring you the best online Traveltainment available anywhere in the world! While you are at home in your country you will consider Goodthaigirl.com your vacation home and social community.

Singles who subscribe to Goodthaigirl.com are students from universities all over Thailand, and professional, educated or simple hardworking business owners and office workers.

They are serious about finding a healthy, happy relationship. Goodthaigirl.com is an original idea with unique global appeal which means more members in a very short time and the more people we have in our database, the more chances you have to find someone special and travel somewhere very romantic cementing your love forever!

Goodthaigirls.com is a fun and safe way to make friends in Thailand and expand your experiences - your life will be richer for it and it works like no other dating website


At Goodthaigirl.com, we don't tell you what type of relationship is right for you. Our goal is to broaden your cultural horizons, and travel experiences, and our belief is that by meeting a variety of people, you will find that special someone. And that can happen a lot sooner than you think. But take it slow don’t rush get to know someone first.

Millions of singles all over the world and Thailand will be drawn to Goodthaigirl.com. Some seek casual relationships while others search for great friendships that will last many years.

Many Thai girl on Goodthaigirl.com will seek love and marriage that will last a lifetime complete with a house and new family. Yet, regardless of the end result, we believe that...
Every relationship begins with a wonderful Thai smile. Learn how to smile again from the good people of Thailand and your life will be forever changed! Choke Dee