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Not receiving email from us?

To ensure that goodthaigirl.com emails are not accidentally filtered and deleted as spam, you can use the following as guide to white list my email.

For Gmail users
1. Click 'Contacts' from the left-hand menu
2. Click the blue link 'Create Contact' beside the dropdown box.
3. Add admin@goodthaigirl.com as the primary email.
4. Hit Save.

For Hotmail users
1. Click 'Contacts'
2. From the left-hand menu, click 'Safe List'
3. Add admin@goodthaigirl.com

For Yahoo email users
1. Click the small arrow beside the word 'Mail'
2. Click 'Options' from the dropdown list
3. Click 'Filters'
4. Click 'Add'
5. Enter admin@goodthaigirl.com into 'From header'
6. In the dropdown list for 'Move the message to', choose 'Inbox'
7. Click 'Add Filter'

For other e-mail users
Add admin@goodthaigirl.com to your address book and list of contacts.