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Thank you Good Thai Girl

I did find the woman of my desires on your site in jan of 09,,went to BKK to meet her in dec 18 /09 till jan 14/2010. we had the time of our lives and its the best thing i have done in my life,,,thanks to your site,,we kept in contact for almost a yr and i told her i would be there,,she met me at the airport with her son (13) and a friend of hers who drove. We spent almost evey moment together she took me to many temples and we ate at her moms almost every nite,met all her sisters and brothers in law,,I really want to retire and live there,but most importantly we want to marry in the next year or two ,,any help or advise you can give??? I will go back again this yr but for 6 wk's insted of only 4....I looked at many BEAUTIFUL woman on your site but only one did i keep coming back to,,i knew she was the one,somehow,, and it turned out that she is,,You have a great site and am glad i signed up I was very skeptical because of other loser sites i was on but the people and the country are just beyond compare with any where i have been in my life,,i have spent time in europe before ,,but wasted money and time ,,NOTHING AND NOWHERE can compare to BKK,,thanks for your site,,if you would like pics and more info contact me I will be glad ,,and proud to share my story and i think she will too.Thanks for making a dream of a wonderful woman coming into my life a reality,,and Thanks has to go to my Nicha for her understanding and accepting me as a farang and to her family for making me feel at home it has been the single GREATEST time in my life and hope it lasts for the rest of my life.,,I am not a young man and will retire in just a few short years but want her here for the next few years till i can go back and die there,,THANKS AGAIN to all who have made this site and our meeting possible. Sincerely, Robert L. Plack - Thank you