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toby | 2012-04-19 20:31:54
Simple country living. A thatched hut in the grounds of an unnamed temple. The hazy blue waters of Sirinthorn Dam Reservoir in the background. THE NORTH EAST Of all the region of Thailand, the northeast is perhaps the least known among foreign visitors, in spite of the fact that it covers almost a third of the country's total area and includes the second largest Thai city, Khon Kaen. This neglect is changing, however, more and more tourists are beginning to discover the northeast's many unique attractions, both natural and historical. Well I met these two girls while staying at the Nevada Inn complex which has a hotel and cinema. It was the first time I had approached good Thai girl outside of Bangkok city that I had not previously arranged to meet but they allowed me to take their pictures. I was a bit nervous approaching them but they were very nice and took photos with me. I really wish I could speak Thai!

This video shows my airport arrival to meet my friend Nicha Blog in Ubon my first trip to Issan. This is the beginning of my good-Thai-girl adventure! Ubon Fun Park!
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